Raise A Warrior Program Helps In-District Students Earn Money For College

INA, Ill. (December 15, 2020) - A brand new program at Rend Lake College offers in-district elementary and high school students the unique opportunity to earn scholarships to the college by the time they graduate high school.

Raise A Warrior allows students in grades 3 through 12 in RLC District #521  to earn money for RLC tuition through the micro scholarship program. 

“We want to plant the idea of becoming a RLC warrior with children and their families before they even think about applying for colleges,” said Community Outreach Specialist Kristen Garner.

Beginning in January, parents can create accounts for their children through the scholarship website. Every quarter, parents can log into their accounts and record their students’ achievements for points. The program will then follow the student throughout school until they are ready to enroll at RLC. Students can earn up to $2,000 in scholarship money. For example, students can earn $2 for playing a sport and $5 for making the honor roll. Scholarship dollars will be divided between semesters needed for degree completion.

Other eligible activities include band, theater, clubs and attending RLC activities.

Raise A Warrior connects with in-district families in an inventive way that allows the college to be more visible in its communities and encourages future enrollment.at RLC.

To register for the Raise A Warrior program, log on to micro.rlc.edu.

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