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Rend Lake College has been a significant employer in the area for decades. As an accredited institution of higher learning, our mission is to provide quality, affordable education. Each department on our three campuses coordinates with one another to complete that mission. We are looking for qualified, dedicated people to join that cause.

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jobs for students

Students who work on campus get a unique perspective at RLC. There are a variety of positions across campus. From mowing lawns for maintenance to scheduling appointments in academic advisement, our paid student worker program is a big benefit for both the college and the student.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education and ModernThink LLC provide valuable insights into fundamental workplace qualities. RLC takes part in the program which surveys faculty and staff to determine the key factors that distinguish great colleges. 

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Work Here & There

Employers in our area — and some out of the area — send us their job openings. We collect them and post them on our site and to the job board in the LRC. 

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Career & Educational Planning

Choosing a career is a major decision. Think it's too soon for career planning? Think again! Research has shown students involved in career planning stay on track, graduate on time, and have improved academic performance, along with a more satisfying & fulfilling college experience.

Our new FOCUS 2 career planning system is an innovative way to find a field you'll love and match it with a major at RLC.

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Use rlcadvise as your personal access code.


Click on the button below and then click "register"


Enter your access code rlcadvise and personal details to get started


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For more information, contact us.


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More Resources

We've compiled this list of resources that will help you surf through options. Once you're done, take a look at the programs we offer. Happy hunting!

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has an Occupational Outlook Handbook. It's a guide to career information about hundreds of occupations.

IL job link 3 icon is the state’s help wanted internet job board managed by the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

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Big Future is operated by The College Board - a mission-driven not-for-profit organization that connects students to college success and opportunity.

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Career Exploration

Use these resources to explore career options using videos and descriptions of different careers. 

Networking Sites

Great platforms for connecting with other professionals.

Job Sites

Here are some major players in the online help wanted market. 

Job Application Assistance

Here are some great tools for a strong job application.

Interviewing Assistance

Once you've strengthened your application and résumé, prepare for your interview with these helpful links.

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