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Transfer of Credit to RLC

      1.   The student must request that the college or university attended send an official transcript to the Office of Student Records at Rend Lake College.
      2.   A minimum of two weeks is required for the Registrar to evaluate a student’s transcript. A student should contact the Office of Student Records to confirm that a transcript has been received and evaluated prior to registration.
      3.   Rend Lake College will accept transfer credit from post-secondary institutions which are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission or from comparable regional accrediting associations. If Rend Lake College has no equivalent course, the credit may be accepted as undistributed credit and will be used as elective credit only at Rend Lake College.
      4.   Courses from post-secondary institutions which are classified as junior- or senior-level courses (300 or 400 level) will not transfer to Rend Lake College.
      5.   Credit earned in remedial or developmental courses will not be accepted.
      6.   Credit for orientation, freshman experience, or first-year seminars will not be accepted.
      7.   Grades in courses transferred from other colleges will NOT be counted in cumulative grade-point average (GPA) calculations along with grades earned in courses taken at Rend Lake College. Courses in which the student has earned a grade of “C” or greater will be accepted for transfer credit. A grade of “TC” will be shown on the transcript to indicate a transfer credit. Courses in which the student has earned a grade of “D” or below, a grade of “CR” or a pass / fail grade will NOT be accepted for transfer credit. In addition, courses from which the student has withdrawn will NOT be accepted for transfer credit.
      8.   The student will transfer the number of credit hours that were earned for a course at the student’s college or university even if the comparable course at Rend Lake College earns a different number of credit hours. However, if the student has transfer credit that is computed in quarter hours, the transfer credit will be converted from quarter hours to semester hours. Transfer credit hours will be counted in earned hours but will NOT be calculated in cumulative GPA calculations.
      9.    A copy of the student’s unofficial Rend Lake College transcript will be available to the student online at once the transcript evaluation process has been completed.
      10. APPEALS PROCESS – A student who wishes to appeal a decision on the awarding of transfer credit may do so by submitting a written rationale outlining his or her reasons to the Registrar.

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