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        Veterinary Assistant

    • Silas Echols

      Silas Echols

    • Dr. Howard D. Rawlinson

      Dr. Howard Rawlinson

    • Dr. James M. Snyder

      Dr. James Snyder

    • Dr. Allen Y. Baker

      Dr. Allen Baker

    • Dr. Curtis Parker

      Dr. Curtis Parker

    • Founding Trustees

      Founding Trustees

    • The Simmonses

      The Simmonses

    • Dr. Barbara Luchsinger

      Dr. Barbara Luchsinger

    • James

      James "Hummer" Waugh

    • Sam Mateer

      Sam Mateer

    • Pat Kern

      Pat Kern

    • Dr. Harry Braun

      Dr. Harry Braun

    • Wayne Arnold

      Wayne Arnold

    • Bill Crawford

      Bill Crawford

    • Bob Carlock

      Bob Carlock

    • Brent McLain

      Brent McLain

    • Mark Kern

      Mark Kern

    • Marvin Scott

      Marvin Scott

    • Mary Ellen Aiken

      Mary Ellen Aiken

    • Dave Smith

      Dave Smith

    • Doug Leeck

      Doug Leeck

    • Ken Gray

      Ken Gray

    • Tim Wills

      Tim Wills

    • Bryan Drew

      Bryan Drew

    • Bob Kelley

      Bob Kelley

    • Millie Caldwell

      Millie Caldwell

    • Terry Wilkerson

      Terry Wilkerson

    • Hunt Bonan

      Hunt Bonan

    • Marjorie Farrar

      Marjorie Farrar

    • Dr. Evelyn Claxton

      Dr. Evelyn Claxton

    • Carroll Turner

      Carroll Turner

    • Rose Maloney and Victor and Betty Rapp

      Rose Maloney and Victor and Betty Rapp

    • Dr. Walt Montgomery

      Dr. Walt Montgomery

    • Rich Yunkus

      Rich Yunkus

    • Mildred Fitzgerrell

      Mildred Fitzgerrell

    • Dr. Gene Stotlar

      Dr. Gene Stotlar

    • Jim Hinman

      Jim Hinman

    • Cindy Corn

      Cindy Corn

    • Betty Ann Ward

      Betty Ann Ward

    • Dave Ellingsworth

      Dave Ellingsworth

    • Dr. Bill & Mary Roe

      Dr. Bill & Mary Roe

    • Dr. Richard Doherty

      Dr. Richard Doherty

    • Doug Carlson

      Doug Carlson

    • Dr. Sue Tomlin

      Dr. Sue Tomlin



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